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EDM LABS LTD. is a machine shop, which specializes in state of the art EDM Wire, EDM Sink or EDM Ram and EDM small hole drilling.

  Maximum work piece dimensions (W) 29.5 X (D) 19.6 X (H) 20.00 inches thick with tapers up to 45 degrees.

  Wire diameters range from .003 to .013.

  EDM Drill hole sizes down to .005 diameter. We have drilled a .035 diameter hole through 13 inches thick 304 Stainless Steel.

  Super fine surface finishing completely burr-free. We have done a 3 Finish in CD650 Carbide.

  Extremely high accuracy is possible with minimal turn-around time! We have held tolerances of +/-.00005 of an inch.

  EDM LABS LTD. examines all work using calibrated inspection equipment. Calibration records on hand. Specially trained and certified technicians available to help you!

For an immediate quoting of your job please fax to (510) 490-8975.

Your satisfaction is our goal !!!


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