Low profile design of System 3R's
tooling allows upper wire guide
clearance with little risk of
collision when cutting thin parts.
Here vise (Lobster claw) is
adjusted by operator prior to
EDM'ing part.





With aid of System 3R's Frame concept, eight different parts are set

up for long term cutting on wire EDM machine.




and get them ready to go while other jobs are running  on  the machines," he explains.
   System 3R has been involved in EDM tooling  for  over  25 years. In 1983 they introduced a  rational  tooling  system  for wire EDM. At that  time,  the  wire  EDM  machine  was  just beginning  to  command  attention  as a  valuable  tool  in   the modern machine shop.
   In the early 80's when cutting speeds were only 4  to  6  sq. in. per hour a long set up  time  was  tolerable  since  in  many cases the job would probably  take  several  days.  However, with wire EDM speeds approaching and exceeding 30 sq. in.,







SuperVise and Frame set combined here With System 3R's versatility, multiple workpleces can be quickly and accurately loaded in the EDM machine.
















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it was a natural for quick & easy set-ups. Since then  I  have probably purchased just about every product 3R makes be- cause its the best tooling out there to keep my machines run- ning with as little downtime as possible. I  can  set  up  parts